An existed problem that should have been found in the beginning of trial run, and then we'll have enough time to study and handle it. However, nobody raised this problem of nonconforming product, and of course, everyone would think that the process is correct.


Several white or silver-gray dots, which were being considered as inadequately cleaned impurities made by machining or spontaneous oxide, have been found after performed the chemical conversion coating and make the coating look non-continuous and unacceptable.


Nevertheless, I consider the white dot is a visually colorless appearance instead of nonexistence of the coating, and we also use the chemical medicine consisted of diphenylcarbohydrazide, acetone, and nitric acid to prove the existence of coating by showing a violet color on the coating. Unfortunately the customers do not believe us. Fine! I can do another experiment to prove it, but the VSE time is closing. The trial parts are going to be run out as well.


Even if I doubt the correctness of operation of the technician, I can’t just say it out because that will cause another problem and make them angry, upset, and even say “You’re such a freshman in this company. How dare you doubt my operation? Do you think you’re professional and know everything?” I can’t even think about this situation. That’s really sad. Anyway, there are always more than that meets the eyes, and I don’t have time to keep my eyes on their operation. All I can do is trust them.


After all, the key point is to solve the problem, therefore, I’ll never stop trying, and that’s why I’m here, in this company, with the name “Engineer”.





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